Why Robosushi?

Robosushi is a concept in art, robotics and culture. As a child of the 80's in America, I was exposed to the idea of robotics almost everyday. The cartoons I watched, the toys I played with and the books I read were all filled with robotic interactions, yet I would not interact with a real robot until my teens.

The robot was at a fair and it was busy carving away on a piece of plastic. The robot did not know I was there it had no eyes, no ears and little sense of touch. The robot would continue to work regardless of the physical environment around it and more importantly regardless of the people interacting with it.
Why have robotics and electronics been limited to the fields of science and industry? Why have the arts largely ignored the interactive potential that robotics and electronics offer.

For a comparison we can look to the computer industry. computers once shared a similar status with robots. They were used by science and industry while few ordinary people ever came in direct contact with them. It took a revolution in computing to change the computers status from mysterious device to everyday tool. It was not until the advent of the personal computer and graphic based operating systems that artists felt that they could approach computers as a medium.

Robotics will not enjoy the level of acceptance that personal computers have achieved with the art world or the general public until new applications are discovered and new methods of interaction are achieved. The purpose of robosushi.com and the artwork of Cory Poole is to develop new ways for humans to interact with machines while also looking for ways to make those interactions meaningful.