Art Links
Amy Youngs homepage. This is the home page of amy youngs, she makes kinetic interactive art that often makes reference to biological systems and genetics.
Ken Rinaldo's home page this is the home page of Ken Rinaldo. He makes kinetic interactive sculpture that responds to other sculptures as well as directly to the viewer.
www.ekac.org the website of Eduardo Kac. Holopoetry, multimedia works, imaging, Dialogical, telepresence and biotelematic pieces. Works and projects in genetic engineering. OH MY!
www.sine.org sine::apsis. A groop of kinetic and electronic artists. Great website with tons of flash!
www.raaf.org Sabrina Raaf works in sculpture and digital imaging. Her work ties biological systems with computer/ machine networks.
www.1201.com 1201, home of Son of Rust, Neurometrics and paradox3d.
Fernando Orellana Fernando Orellana builds machines that create their own unique artwork.
Shawn Decker Shawn Decker makes sound installations and digital media artwork.
Joe Davis Joe Davis has been a driving force behind genetic artwork. He also is involved in space art.
www.sodaplay.com Soda is a groop of artists exploring computer and electronic baised art and design. soda play is their most popular project. It is just all kinds of fun.
www.thecrucible.org A groop in Oakland CA that gives artists a place to explore industrial arts.
www.blasthaus.com The art site of Michael Sturtz. He creates sculpture that reflects a highly industrialized world. He uses electronics, neon and kinetic elements.
www.koolkinetics.com This site has cool gif animations of small kinetic sculptures and other cool stuff.
Robot links.
cool robot of the week. Nasa created this site to show off cool robots from around the world. it is updated weekly.
www.portlandrobotics.org The portland area robotics society. Great club in portland OR
Yahoo groops, PARTS This is the yahoo groops site for PARTS

Supplies Links
www.sciplus.com American Science and Surplus. The greatest strange stuff source. Great website with online ordering
www.robotstore.com Your source for all of your robot needs. Hobby level supplies, very user friendly website but a little spendy.
www.parallaxinc.com Makers of the basic stamp microcontroller. Good kits and products.
www.goldmine-elec.com electronics goldmine. Electronics stuff at good prices. Not the best website.
www.mpja.com Surplus motors and electronic parts of all kinds. Good website with online shopping.
www.allelectronics.com Surplus and new electronic and mechanical parts.
C and H sales Great prices and quality on some cool mechanical parts. not a great website.
www.mcmaster.com these people sell everything. I'm not kidding, EVERYTHING!
www.jameco.com Surplus and new electronics large inventory on hand great website.
Acroname robotics. This is the best website for hard to find sensors, servos and actuators nice online store.
www.useenco.com the lowest prices around on machine tools. And quality to match.
www.hosfelt.com hosfelt electronics. Good website, nice catalog, great deals. They also have lot's of leds!

Space Links
www.nasa.gov this is the nasa website. space and stuff and things.
www.jpareospace.com Americas other space program. People trying to get to space through hobby means.
www.dfrc.nasa.gov Dryden aircraft research homepage. The people who brought us the x planes and the helios solar plane.

Other Stuff.
high speed torpedoes! from our friends at scientific american.
www.ihpva.org human power everything!
oregon webcams! This is a little webcam page that I put together from various oregon webcam sources. I take no credit or blame for any of the images seen.
www.enviromission.com.au The designers of a proposed 200m tall solar tower.
www.homepower.com homepower magazine. The best source for do it your self power.
Poole Pedalboats This is the home page for Poole Pedalboats, human power boats made by John Poole in Salem Oregon.

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