About Cory Poole.
Artist Statment:

All of my pieces address interaction and technology. I feel that the future of human interaction lies in technology. Already we live in a world where cell phones pagers and the internet tie humans together more closely then ever before. I believe that a similar connection lies ahead for humans and machines. We now hold our interaction with machines at arms length and in turn technology as developed a stale glazed interaction. No one expects something 'interesting' to happen at an ATM transaction and as a result the designers of our machines ensure that nothing “interesting” will happen. With the development of entertainment robots as well as interactive entertainment software, the cracks have started to appear. Children are sometimes more comfortable around new technology then they are around new people. My work attempts to help develop and create the new interactions that will someday be common place.


BFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000