New Projects 12/01/01
This page is filled with the clippings from current projects, not necessarily in any order. I will try and update this page often. Thank you Allen McMillan for the great photos.
This is the base for a new piece that will be a dysfunctional light. The robot moves via a geared dc motor and a 3 wheel, the final piece will have two halogen lights and some led modules to provide effect lighting.
This is a top view of the base, you can see the motor off to one side,
The robot runs on standard model railroad track. I decided to use this because it is a proven commutation system. Also using the wheels from a train car saved time and expense.
This is the start for the power board. This pc board will drive most of the high power 12vdc components. The small ICs are opto isolators.
This is a shot of the robot with the prototype board being used for testing .
This is a side view where you can see the electrical pickups.
This is the board to run another piece under development it will walk a wire across the ceiling. It will also respond to light and sound,