Artwork Of Cory Poole

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This piece is called kinematic construction. It consists of ten sculptures, each sculpture moves in a pendulum motion. the ten elements move indpendently of each other to create patterns of movement. each element is balanced so that can be moved by a small fan located in the head of the piece. The fan puts out a thrust of about 6 grams. (roughly equal to the force of a human blowing)

snowflake 1999

This piece is called snowflake. It was the first piece that made that used fans to move. Snowflake had three electronic eyes and three electric fans. It would watch the room and detect small changes in the light levels cause by people moving. The fans would pulse on and off to cause different movements. Snowflake's ability to detect tiny changes in light levels made it very sensitive to active enviroments, resulting in behavior that sometimes appeared eratic.

bird 1999

The bird was my first advanced interactive piece. It had two eyes and a sound detector. Using a simple program and a small processor it would watch and listen to a room and respond to the changing enviroment. the program worked like many simple lifeforms, the bird was attracted to light when awake and "happy". when startled the bird would retreat to the dark. people loved this piece and often treated it as if it were a small animal.

More Pictures!

These lamps use the latest LED technolgy to create a smooth color change effect. The lamps also contain a 20 watt halogen bulb so it can be used as a bedside or desk lamp.

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